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Innovative & Unique

"It's a very innovative and unique idea. The jewelry line itself is really simple and has a vintage kind of a charm to the jewelry. I felt like it's going back to the basics for what computers do and I really loved it!"

- Sirisha

Really Cool

"The concept was really cool. It's one of those things that brings together engineering and tech with something that's not associated with them. It looks like a regular bracelet to most people, but if you explain, there's actually a binary hidden message. I love it."

- Linette

Double Special

"I love it because it's beautiful. It merges feminine beauty and science, the stem aspect of it with its binary code. And it's a conversation starter. I always look for jewelry that is a conversation starter, unique, personalized to yourself and has a special meaning. So it's double special!"

- Rachael


No Ordinary Jewelry!

ARE.JEI jewelry is designed by a prominent woman in tech who spent over two decades working and excelling in the male dominated tech space.
Her passion to inspire women to explore and contribute to shaping the future of tech has led her to start ARE JEI. 
Through jewelry, she wants to provide learning experience and a symbolic induction into a community of intellectual women who share a passion for technology.


Free Shipping

Order By May 2nd for delivery by Mother's Day.


Feel inspired and empowered by the power of technology.


One of a kind bracelet. Stand out and make mom feel special.

Conversation Starter

Tell friends and family about your binary coded bracelet.

High Quality

Gold/Platinum Plated Sterling Silver charms. Italian leather.

Beautiful Packaging

Enjoy Beautiful customized packaging.


Customers Photos

Mom deserves a gift that says "YOU ROCK"

Our Jewelry is designed to empower and inspire and to to be worn with a sense of pride. 

FREE Shipping · FREE Returns ·  Details

A Creative Expression Of Tech

Each bracelet comes with a personalized package and a personalized card with details on the binary transformation that happened to encode your special letter.

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